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František Kupka and Czech Graphic Art of the 20th Century 14.9. - 14.10.23

Knupp gallery cordially invites you to the exhibition

"František Kupka and Czech Graphic Art of the 20th Century"

opening of the exhibition without opening 14.9.23 from 10:30

Revoluční 17, Prague 1

The exhibition will run until 14.10.23

MO by appointment

TUE - FRI 10:30 am - 7 pm

SAT 11 am - 6 pm


Originally we intended to create an exhibition of prints and drawings by František Kupka. Over time, we decided to expand this sales exhibition to include other important artists of the 20th century. There will be mainly bibliophilias with separate or embedded graphic sheets.


The complete list of authors and their works is as follows:

František Kupka - "Prometheus" - cycle of 18 original etchings; These etchings were originally created as illustrations for the Prometheus bibliophilia, which was published in an edition of 200 copies. They were then printed in a limited edition of 50 on japano on separate sheets with a small image below the main illustration. It is important not to confuse these with multi-copy prints on plain paper.

František Kupka - "La Guirlande D´Aphrodite, A.Ferdinand Herold" - 20 woodcuts. The bibliophilia was accompanied by F.Kupka under the pseudonym Paul Regnard. Published in 1919 in French, numbered print, 190 pages, 1st edition L´Edition D´Art 19 Rue Bonaparte Paris.

František Kupka - "Les Érinnyes, Tragidie Antique De Leconte De Lisle" - 25 etchings with aquatint, published in 1908 in French, numbered print, 89 pages, 1st edition A. Romagnol, Paris

František Kupka - "Le Cantique Des Cantiques, Jean De Bonnefon" - 1905, decorated with initials and 6 woodcuts by František Kupka, in French, numbered copy, 89 pages, 1st edition Librairie Universelle, Paris

František Kupka - "Study of Black and White" - gouache on paper 1923 - 26 signed lower right + stamp approx. 28 x 22 cm Certification. Vl. Lekeš, Martinel Kupka

Jindrich Štyrský - "Erotic Revue" - 2nd edition, strictly erotic print published by Jindřich Štyrský for his circle of friends, illustrations by Toyen, J. Štyrský, F. Bidlo, V. H. Brunner, A. Beardsley and others; numbered copy very rare!! Year of publication: 1932

Květa Pacovská - "Questions of Space" - original serigraphy, typography and design by Květa Pacovská, numbered copy, signature of Květa Pacovská in the cover, year of publication: 2001

1st point (22 serigraphs)

2nd circle (24 serigraphs)

Area 3 (24 serigraphs)

Otakar Kubín - "Pierre Louÿs. Mimes des Courtisanes de Lucien" - 8 etchings by Otakar Kubín, written in French, year of publication: 1928

Olbram Zoubek - "Elderberry Soul" - three relief prints and an original drawing (all signed), typography by Zdeněk Ziegler, binding by Ateliér Krupka, numbered copy, year of publication: 1994

Jan Štenc - "Art V." - art magazine with original supplements:

František Kupka - woodcut (from the cycle Four Stories of Black and White)

Max Švabinský - lithography

Karel Vik - coloured woodcut

Jaroslav Benda - woodcut

Václav Fiala - woodcut

František Kysela - colour lithography

year of publication: 1932

František Halas - "Torso of Hope" - decorated with six etchings and publisher's mark Emil Filla; signed in the cover by Emil Filla, František Halas, Svatopluk Klír; numbered copy, year of publication: 1946

Emil Filla - "His meaning and work" - signed by Emil Filla with a dry needle, published as a private press by František Venera, year of publication: 1932

TOYEN (Marie Cerminova) - "Hide, War!" - cycle of 9 zinc prints, dedication and signature TOYEN !!!, Very rare title with Toyen's signature; introductory poem by Jindřich Heisler. year of publication 1944

František Kupka - "Abstraction" - complete set of sixteen sheets with lithographic underprinting, a cycle of drawings from 1928-1932 in a complete set of sixteen reproductions with lithographic underprinting by František Kupka, which were printed according to gouaches from 1930 in a limited edition Small Edition of Masters vol. 5, introduction by Fr. Kupka, text on double leaf by J. Loriš, printed by Č.A.T. Praha, published by Vladimír Žikeš, Prague 1948

František Kupka - original copper plate with author's engraving for Prometheus bibliophilia. It is a very rare item, which is de facto not available on the free market.

František Kupka - "Quelques peintres" - 1x pochoir (print from stencil) and 19 woodcuts decorated by František Kupka, signed by L. Arnould Grémilly. This essential book was written after Kupka's first solo exhibition of abstract works, held in 1921 at the Galerie Povolozky in Paris, Exceptionally rare, published in 1922, in French, numbered copy, 87 pages, 1st edition, J. Povolozky, Paris

František Kupka - "ARISTOPHANE, LYSISTRATÉ" - (LUCIEN DHUYS), 21 color etchings with aquatint by František Kupka; full leather French art binding, executed by bookbinder Adrien Lavaux, upper gold trim, including protective sleeve; published in 1911, in French, numbered copy, 114 pages, 1st edition, Libraire A. Blaizot 26 Rue Le Peletier, Paris

Frantisek Kupka - "Conquete du Silence" - 1x woodcut accompanied by František Kupka,

published in 1936, in French, numbered copy, 78 pages, 1st edition, MERCVRE DE FRANCE

František Kupka - "Album" - 33 reproductions of works by František Kupka, original paper cover, editor J. Hájek, foreword by K. E. Schmidt, published in 1919, 1st edition, B. Kočí

František Kupka - "Creation in Fine Art" - cover and illustrations by František Kupka, original paperback edition, 210 pages, S.V.U. Mánes in Prague, published in 1923, 1st edition

Josef Šíma - "Beau Regard" - Pierre Jean Jouve - 3 drypoint and 15 woodcuts by J.Šíma, in French, published in 1927


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