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Gallery life

In general

We are a private art gallery with a focus on figurative realism and landscape painting. The sculpture is dominated by bronze and marble figure. Fused, layered or blown studio glass.


We organize selling exhibitions for living artists with the purchase of selected works from them. All disciplines are united by high craftsmanship quality. We exhibit the current art scene in the context of historical European and Bohemian art.

Interview in forbes

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Briefly from the beginning

The history of the first regular branch of the Knupp gallery has been written since February 2013. In its starting year, it tasted the reality of the market purely for Czech contemporary art. From 2014, the establishment improved closer to the city center and increased the venue in an old industrial area in Prague 8 with its specific spirit. As a result of the growing number of contacts the same year, the idea of representing Czech art on the sharp American market was born.

Pulp Fiction in Los Angeles

In September 2015, the breakthrough exhibition "Czech-In LA" of Czech contemporary art took place in Santa Monica. We were also advised to participate in the the LA Art Show fair. As a result, in January 2016, our gallery surprised many fair visitors with its participation, a small country that only few of them were familiar with on the map.

This is where the idea of establishing a foothold in the Californian market and opening our own branch came about. After a difficult search for the main office / branch and the establishment of a corporation, on October 15th 2016 the first Czech art gallery in the USA - opened to the world with an exhibition with the symbolic name "Velvet and Glass". To make sure there wasn't enough work, three weeks later we opened a second branch in the heart of Prague. Knupp gallery LA also participated in the LA Art Show 2017 and organized a total of five own exhibitions. However, the development of the market and the inhuman distance between Prague and LA forced us to leave the US market temporarily. Three galleries were simply too much for one soul.

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Revolution in Revolutionary Street to the present

On July 17, 2017, we signed a contract to open a new and unique place in Prague, where we are still based today. From the three galleries we opened in the city, we decided to keep just this one, in the best location in the city center. A shift also occurred in the philosophy of the institution itself. We slowly began to include non-living artists to our selling portfolio.


Briefly summarized, we now operate at the level of the contemporary art scene in the field of painting, sculpture and glass, but the collection is increasingly made up of legends of the 19th-20th century from among Czech artists (e.g. Fr. Kupka, Z. Burian, J.Lada, K. Lhoták, O.Zoubek) and European legends (e.g. PA Renoir, M. Chagall, P. Picasso).

Our selling collection is slowly growing and we offer the viewer Czech classics as well as high-quality Italian and French figures of the 19th century on canvas or carved in Carrara marble. You can visit our venue five days a week. On two floors you will find an interesting collection of paintings and objects, the aesthetic and craftsmanship quality of which you can see for yourself.

You will be kindly served by Ales Knupp and his wife Karin or one of our three colleagues.

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