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Luděk Seryn - Round Rotations #2

The Czech watchmaker Luděk Seryn, with whom we began our cooperation in 2020, has recently completed the second piece of a total of twenty pieces of the unique "Rotations" wristwatch series in the skeleton version. At the heart of the watch is a patented Ro18 rotary movement that rotates on its axis every 8 hours. The watch body is made of 18ct gold. Unique Round Rotations #2 are now for sale.

The question probably arises in your mind why an art gallery works with watches. If you look at the whole concept of Luděk Seryn, you will find that he is an artist comparable to a sculptor / creator of objects ... his watches are unique handmade works of the highest level of craftsmanship. They are works of art with elements of refined aesthetics and functionality.

Not to mention the fact that LS is the only Czech member of the prestigious AHCI group of independent watch and clock makers. We as a gallery build our presentation on works of high craftsmanship, which is another strong connecting element with Luděk Seryn.

More info about the Round Rotations project on our website HERE



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