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Jan Wessel 1 - 26.9.2022

Knupp gallery and Jan Wessel

cordially invite you to the exhibition


opening on 1.9.22 from 7 pm

Revoluční 17, Prague 1

The exhibition will run until 26.9.22

MO by appointment

TUE - FRI 10:30 am - 7 pm

SAT 11 am - 6 pm


Jan Wessel is a Danish artist (born 1952 in Skanderborg, Denmark) working with various media (collage, assemblage, oil paintings, lithography, murals, light boxes) and artistic expressions. He is constantly evolving as an artist.

His works, especially his collages, have strong pop culture references. He usually uses materials he acquired years ago on one of his many trips. They could be pieces of old wallpaper from Spain or old school notebooks from France. It is the hidden narrative, combined with Jan's own imagination and many references, that brings a new and unique narrative that often introduces an element of surrealism into his work.

He enjoys the circus, depicting athletes and animals, often exotic ones such as monkeys. Monkeys can be placed seemingly out of context, adding a surreal location. These images and fascinations have been collected over many years of his artistic career and may appear in contemporary artworks, years and years after his first encounter with them. His oil paintings and light boxes are often lonely landscapes with an added mystical element. The journey is also a very common theme in Jan's landscapes, leading to new things for both artist and viewer... figuratively and literally. It opens up the possibility of adventure and exploration and poses existential questions.

Jan Wessel has an extensive list of exhibitions both in his native Denmark and abroad. He is represented in many art museums and various foundations in Denmark.


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