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Fabricio Lara 21.6 - 24.7.2022

Knupp gallery and Fabricio Lara

cordially invite you to the exhibition


opening on 21.6.22 from 7 pm

Revoluční 17, Prague 1

The exhibition will run until 20.8.22

MO by appointment

TUE - FRI 10:30 am - 7 pm

SAT 11 am - 6 pm


The solo exhibition of figural paintings by Bolivian painter Fabricio Lara is a loose continuation of the author's successful exhibition at our gallery from 2019 "Light Presences". The artist now presents a collection of new canvases characterized by rich pastel colors, typical for South American works. Lara's paintings are interwoven with depictions of the celebration of life by a human figure as well as, for example, horses, bulls, birds and other fauna.

The Bolivian painter Fabricio Lara documents the artist commitment through the fundamental structures of painting. He makes of pictorial principles such as composition, balance and color, a way of living meticulously dedicated to art.

His trade as a painter was born with him in Oruro city, heir to the brushes of his father Gustavo Lara and his uncle Raúl Lara, his life has always been linked to the sober pigments of the Altiplanic landscape and the colorful traditional festivities, unique opposites which as a result originates a painting characterized by juxtaposing sensations that come from ancestral periods together with synthetic colors that represent the contemporary world in which we move.

His ability to transmit emotions is recognized in several countries, his work is part of important collections,  and  he has been recognized with numerous awards and prizes.

His paintings invite the viewers to immerse themselves into illusory spaces inhabited by mythical beings, such as red horses and blue bulls, translucent birds, light pairs, presences from some distant part of the universe that suddenly appear in a palette of earth tones.

For Fabricio, women on horseback are not just a subject in his compositions. They represent philosophy and the Aymara (one of his native tribes) way of being. He paints the power of Pacha Mama, or Mother Earth, which returns to the present and mixes with neon lights to show us again the path that connects us to nature.

Fabricio Lara's artworks show us how a passion for painting and technique leads to a universal language that places us in a unique space, the space of his painting.


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