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Tomas Kubik

As a graduate of Hollar's School of Graphics and AVU, Tomáš Kubík received one of the best painting educations of his time here and in the world under Professor Zdenek Beran. The designation Beranovci is already a certain trademark and term that designates a generation of painters endowed with technical bravura successful in the Czech Republic and abroad.

Kubík's work draws from the study of the old masters, to whom he openly refers and at the same time moves them with a certain manner and eclecticism into the contemporary world. This results in an extremely captivating work that we know from somewhere, but which we must at the same time re-understand and reinterpret. From abroad, let's mention, for example, the phenomenon of Michaël Borremans, who brought the work of Dutch masters to life and talk.

In the work of Ignudo I, we see a clear reference to the well-known painting of the same name by Michelangelo Buonarroti from the ceiling of the Sistine Chapel. Here Ignudo gazes in amazement and stupor at the revelation denied us. In his face, instead of the amazement of enlightenment, we see a smirk or a laugh. Laughter at the viewer or at oneself, as we know it from the endless digital selfies of today's world.

However, what unites Kubík's painting with Michelangelo's painting is the style, technical perfection and wonderful colors of the painting. And just as Michelangelo put to good use in his fresco everything he had learned in the individual stages of his life as a painter, this is Tomáš Kubík's masterpiece as well.


2021 – 2022 ModPortrait, Artelibre Gallery Zaragoza, MEAM Museum Barcelona. // 2021 Royal Society of Portrait Painters Annual Exhibition, London, United Kingdom. // 2021 Figurativas 2021, MEAM Museum, Barcelona. // 2021 Tomáš Kubík – Michelangelo in Lockdown, Solo exhibition, Art Mozaika Gallery, Prague. // 2020 – 2021 15th International ARC Salon Exhibition, Los Angeles, USA. // 2020 La Art Show, Los Angeles, USA. // 2019 – 2020 Figurativas 2019, MEAM Museum, Barcelona. // 2019 – 2020 It's already the worst, Gallery 90°, Černošice. // 2019 Tomáš Kubík – Drawings, thoughts, records..., Solo exhibition, Winter refectory of Strahov Monastery, Prague. // 2019 Arista Art Spoon, Villa Baruchello, Porto Sant Elpidio, Italy. // 2017 Fascination with reality, Museum of Modern Art, Olomouc. // 2015 Drawings – Solo exhibition, Alina Gallery, Karlovy Vary. // 2004 AVU graduates, Veletržní palác, Prague. // 2003 ARTTODAY Group, Galerie Nová síň, Prague. // 2002 Tomáš Kubík – Selected paintings and drawings, Solo exhibition, Gallery Design Lab, Miami, Florida. // 2001 Painting School of Professor Z. Beran, Wortner House AJG, České Budějovice. // 2000 Academy of Fine Arts 2000, Mánes, Prague. // 1997 Exhibition of Professor Beran's studio, Gallery U prstenu, Prague.


2021 The painting "Inner Rage (Self-portrait with mannequin)" was placed in the competition Figurativas 2021 organized by the MEAM Museum in Barcelona. // 2021 The paintings "David in the Renaissance style" and "Valeria" were selected for the prestigious Royal Society of Portrait Painters Exhibition, in London. The portrait "David in the Renaissance style" was awarded the Burke's Peerage Foundation - Award for Classically Inspired Portrait. // 2020 Placement in the 15th International ARC Salon Exhibition, Los Angeles, USA. // 2019 The painting "Mary Magdalen" was placed in the Figurativas 2019 competition organized by the MEAM Museum in Barcelona. // 2004 The painting "Scenes from Married Life" was purchased by the National Gallery in Prague and is on display in the permanent collection of NG in the Trade Fair Palace in Prague. // 2001 Victory in the competition for a representative portrait of the rector of Charles University prof. JUDr. Charles the Little. The portrait is exhibited in Prague's Karolín as part of the unique art gallery of portraits of rectors of Charles University (since 1882). More info. // 2000 Prize of the Minister of Education, Youth and Sports for outstanding students for extraordinary results in studies and creative activities in the field of Painting. // 1998 Prize of the Rector of the Academy of Fine Arts in Prague. // 1998 Studio Award.

Exhibitions at Knupp gallery

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