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Petra Vlachynská

Petra Vlachynská is a sculptor with a comprehensive range of subjects. Her work includes figural and abstract sculpture, video art, graphics and art in public space and architecture. The figure or fragments of the human body represents the means of expression for depicting the psychic contents and subtle states of human mind. In chamber fragments and abstract reliefs, she uses unique properties of the technology of casting bronze on lost wax and expands them experimentally.

She is continuously engaged in custom and free creation in public spaces and architecture. She considers it crucial to understand the given context, spatial contexts, symbolic level and hidden meanings of the place. A work well integrated into the context has a potential to develop and strengthen the content layer, to aesthetically and functionally enrich the place.

In her doctoral thesis, on which she worked under the guidance of Doc. Ing. arch. Irena Fialová at the Department of Urbanism, Faculty of Architecture, ČVUT, dealt with works of art in Prague after 1989 and their relationship to the urban context of the city. Together with Doc. Jan Stolín leads an art studio focused on new media, site specific art and creation in public space as an assistant professor at the Faculty of Arts and Architecture of the Technical University in Liberec. She lives and works in Prague.

Education: 2014-2021 Faculty of Architecture, CVUT in Prague (Ph.D.) // 2003-2009 Sculpture Studio, Academy of applied arts in Prague (MgA.), prof. Kurt Gebauer // 2000-2006 Faculty of Architecture, CTU in Prague (Bc.)

Interships: 2007/2008 Studio of Figural Sculpture and Medals, Academy of Fine Arts, Prague, prof. Jan Hendrych and Milada Othová 2003/2004 School of Architecture Val de Seine, Paris, Erasmus Internship

Exhibitions at Knupp gallery

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