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Milan Kuzica

Milan Kuzica wish to articuate a classic feminine psychology and silhoutte. Energie occupies his every thought and ac­tions. Rodin said: If we now seek the spiritual significance of the technique of Michelangelo, as we did that of the Greeks, we shall find that the sculpture expressed restless energy, the will to act without the hope of success in fine the martyrdom of the creature tormended by unrealizable aspirations... Kuzica is regarded as a master neorealist and symbolist with a remarkable ability to capture human emotion through the depiction of the human form. His work is lauded for its fine composition, beautiful rendered surfaces. His style has been significantly expanded and transformed. The imaginary figures are metaphors for a wide range of passionate feelings, whether it`s the introspection of a solitary woman. Through meditation upon visual forms in bronze, the viewer can enter into expanded states of awareness, touching feelings daily unrealized. We feel a sense of tension in the lower part of the figure. Kuzica opened up the space between the arms and torse. Kuzica`s intuition and his explorations of human body`s motion are realized in his contemplation of inner biorhythms and radiation of signals towards other bodies. Kuzica began to model sculptural form in relation to the play of light and shadow. Kuzica concentrates the surfaces of his works into culminating points, for ex. in bronze Eve. He wish to express in each welling of the torto the efflorescence of a muscle orof a bone which lay deep beneath the skin /similary as Rodin say!/.

Exhibitions at Knupp gallery

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