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Marek Kolar

Marek Kolář (b. 1982) was born in Prague, where he lives and works. In 2014, he graduated from the Academy of Fine Arts in Prague. As one of the last students of prof. Beran does not deny a certain fascination with hyperrealistic depiction.

In recent years, he has been working on large-format figurative oil paintings on canvas, with the motif of mirror sculptures, so-called "mirrors". It is a depiction of people made of mirror material, in which the world in front of the canvas is reflected. With this mirroring, Kolář expands the perception of the image by another unexpected dimension. It playfully turns the traditional interior portrait inside out into an interior within a portrait.

The viewer has the opportunity to seamlessly transition between the form of the characters and the space depicted in the reflections. He can imagine, let his own imagination work and find his own interpretation of the story in the reflections of the spaces in front of the mirror. The painting's connection to a certain place, which we have the opportunity to glimpse through these characters, is connected to the author's life. The illusory character of the painting changes in the details to a painting with an admitted painterly trace upon closer observation. Especially in moments where the space is almost unreadable, abstract compositions and other micro-worlds "punctuated" by unexpected places with their own stories are ready for viewing. The paintings stand out due to the originality of the motif and the persuasiveness of the painting, processed with a sense of detail.


2009-2014 - AVU, studio of classical painting techniques, prof. Zdeněk Beran // 2012-2014 prof. Martin Mainer (Prague)

Exhibitions within the Knupp gallery

2022 - "Iron Goddesses"

Exhibitions at Knupp gallery

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