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Irina Cumberland

Irina Cumberland is an established American painter specializing in water landscapes. Her oil paintings are characterized by capturing light reflections both on the surface and on the water bottom. The artist is represented in prestigious American galleries (Arcadia, NY) and her work is regularly featured in American art fairs (e.g. LA Art Show). Irina's paintings complete our gallery's portfolio of realistic landscape paintings. Our long-term goal is to introduce the viewer to the context of not only domestic, but also broader international painting.  

Selected exhibitions and fairs: LA Art Show with Arcadia Contemporary, Los Angeles, 2023

"Five and Under" group show, Arcadia Contemporary, New York, 2022

"Universe in Water" solo show, Dean Borghi Fine Art, New York, 2021

"For the Ocean" group show, fundraising for Marine Conservation Society, Signet Contemporary Art, London, UK, 2020

Miami Art Basel with Signet Contemporary, 2019

Exhibitions at Knupp gallery

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