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Fabiano Millani

Fabiano Millani was born in São Paulo (Brazil) on 27 June 1981. He was born in São Paulo and grew up in Rio Grande do Sul. Millani began his artistic career at the age of 17, when he took a drawing course in the municipality of Santo Ângelo - Rio Grande do Sul, where he still lives today.

In 2006, he won 1st place in the painting competition of the 1st Santo Ângelo Communication Battalion. In 2008, he won 1st prize in the painting competition at the Santo Ângelo Subsistence Depot (DSSA). And in 2009, he won the 1st regional prize in the SESI Talent Discovery with Sculpture (INTER - CONCLUSIONS).

In 2009 Millani built his studio where he works exclusively as a visual artist and teaches drawing and painting to about 60 students.

He won 1st prize in the Dessiner Wordpress National Realistic Drawing Competition with his work "Carona ao realismo" and cultural and academic recognition for the publication of two paintings in the book Bienal Cristal de Talentos, promoted by the São Paulo International Book Biennial , both in 2010.

In 2011, Millani again won 1st place in the Dessiner Wordpress National Realistic Drawing Competition with her work "Resiliência".

During his artistic journey, Millani developed a unique technique of hyper-realistic painting. Since 2016 until today, he has been teaching at Millani Wokshops, taking the technique he developed to several countries around the world, such as Italy, Mexico, Argentina, Qatar, Uruguay, Turkey, Brazil and more...

Millani also teaches online courses and currently has more than 1,000 students enrolled. Most of his work is acquired by international clients from different countries around the world. His recent work includes portraits of women in tense facial expressions combined with dripping "honey". The women portrayed are characterized by strong expression in a positive or negative way.

The author on his latest work: 'I like the contrast of the caramel shine on the matte skin, this effect fascinates me. The caramel represents wealth, and the woman represents seduction. Illustrating a certain feeling of power."

Exhibitions at Knupp gallery

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