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Damian Lechoszest

Damian Lechoszest

Born in 1976 in Raciborz, Poland. At first his great interest was drawing. From the early childhood he liked to copy various characters of comics and fairy tales. His childish sketches were so good that many people from his nearest neighborhood were very astonished.  At the first school years he took part in many artistic high-level competitions. His artistic works were often rewarded and got good opinions of critics.

His great artistic talent, especially a gift for drawing, was observed by  Marek Czechowicz, plastic art teacher in primary school in Baborów. Czechowicz’s creative activity was the first serious artistic inspiration. Czechowicz was also the first person who helped talented young man to deepen his knowledge of practical skills in oil painting. He taught Damian Lechoszest in his own private painter’s studio.

Damian graduated University of Technology in Opole in 2002. During the studies he attended the practical painting classes in Liceum Plastyczne in Opole. For many years he improved not only his practical skills  but also theoretical knowledge. His sharp, analytic and inquiring mind tried to understand the impact of the painting  on the onlookers. He also tried to know how the human eye was reacting and recording to visual stimuli and how the human mind created comprehensive image. That is why he studied biology, psychology and physiology of vision consulting  his private library of nearly 4000 books.

Damian mainly paints portraits and portrayed models are very strikingly similar with the use unusual insight and analytic attitude. Works are sold all over the world including Czech Republic, Germany, Russia, Great Britain, Ireland, France and USA. One of his paintings Portrait of John Paul II hangs in famous Pauline Monastery of Jasna Góra in Poland.

The artist, his wife Ela and two children Jasiek and Lukasz live in Baborow, little town in the south of Poland.

Exhibitions at Knupp gallery

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