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Andrea Serra

"Nature is my instinct, rock my light, sculpt my voice."

Andrea Serra was born in 1981, in Lecce, and she, the Lady of the Baroque, cradles him with that sumptuous light of embroidered stone.

In the house you can breathe beauty, the grandfather sculpted wood, the mother is an art teacher. As a child he wakes up with the sound of hammer and chisel, and for him, who is enchanted by his grandfather's work, that is not a noise, it is pure melody.

And he will be the one to give him the gift of the heart, hammer and chisel, small, made to measure. The grandfather felt his own vibrations, the naturalness of that way of doing things that he felt also belonged to his grandson.

In the Lecce countryside, the gentle stone attracted him, a magical encounter, he drew a cat on that surface rich in history, then the naturalness of that action followed. He sculpted a series of animals with soft, free and welcoming curves, and exhibited them. His first exhibition, Andrea's Zoo, was at the town fair. He chose the Academy of Fine Arts to deepen his knowledge of the history of art, but the technique, no, that is already his, innate, it is the hand that guides the pencil, gives shape to emotions, and then shapes and gives life. Serra sculpts, smoothes, blows away the dust, and also shapes, moves, caresses the soft form, creates that sensual and intimately erotic envelopment.

"Salento is a magical land. For me it's like stopping time, entering nature and feeling it in me, it is a state of mind, I listen to it and see the union with beauty." Nature is like this for him, an indissoluble symbiosis, an exchange of energy and that strength that he expresses with rudimentary tools, he has always used them, "because they bring me into contact with what surrounds me, the vibrations of nature that they accompany during creation, being able to work that magical, marine stone, there for millions of years, intertwined with fossils, shells, fish, plants, a unique richness; and I leave the color white because it would be sacrilegious to cover it, to make it different."

He is not inspired by sculptors of the past, Serra feels nature as a master, a symphony that leads him to orchestrate his hands on the gentle stone, like music, because it too, music, takes him far on the creative journey. While he listens to Giovanni Allevi's composition, Aria, he feels its vibrations. He likes Allevi, because his works are natural, uncontaminated and convey beauty to him.

And that morning Aria gives him imagination, the pencil runs on the gentle stone, then the hands compose the melody.

He expresses himself with sculpture and design, inspiration and aesthetic sense, pure Lecce stone, or smoothed by blades of light. Each work is an exclusive piece of art.

His works are known and appreciated worldwide, the author is young but his art reaches heights of great intensity and maturity. He exhibits in many parts of the world. Collectors attribute considerable importance to the art of Andrea Serra, critics tell of the great expressiveness, in form, in capturing the essence of sensations and emotions.

Exhibitions at Knupp gallery

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